Debby Amicucci

Yoga Instructor

photo of  Debby Amicucci

Phone: (239) 259-1541

Debby’s yoga journey began many years ago. While still in high school, Debby was introduced to yoga during a gym class. She was immediately hooked. While other forms of exercise came into her life, she always found her way back to yoga.

Debby began teaching yoga in 2013 and knew she had found her calling. She has certifications in Yin Yoga and Fascia Release and her 200-hour certification is recognized by Yoga Alliance. Debby’s classes encompass mind, body & spirit and are filled with challenging poses that can be obtained by all. She encourages everyone to be in charge of their own yoga practice.

Her love of learning keeps her fresh and always seeking new ideas. Debby tries to take her yoga off the mat and into the world. Her compassion and positive attitude make her classes fun to attend. Debby's motto is “Yoga is not only about the asana, yoga brings body, mind, and spirit together. I believe if we all practiced a little bit of yoga and added to that a bit of mindful meditation, the world could be rid of all the evils. Yoga has helped me to open my heart in ways nothing else ever could and has given me a greater sense of purpose.”